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Member Rewards Program

Join today and begin earning points in our new Member Rewards Program! Any official member could earn 40 points per month by just attending all the current recurring events we host or support per month. In other words, a member could easily accumulate 400 points in a year just by attending most events! For more information concerning membership, check out our Membership page.

How to Earn Points?

The Membership Reward System would allot certain points per hour given the nature of the event. Particular events require more involvement than other events; therefore, more points are rewarded to those events. For example, volunteering to work an event is more challenging physically and mentally than simply attending a social gathering. Taken also into consideration are events not hosted or sponsored by the Acadiana Spiritual Association but are events which may be supported by the Acadiana Spiritual Association. Events supported by the Acadiana Spiritual Association are events such as Coffee Cackle, Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Day, or Baton Rouge Pagan Night Out. Attending these “non-ASA” events will reward points only to members who wear their ASA shirt to such events.

What Are the Rewards?