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Sharing Circle
DIVERSITY Night Social
Trivae Theologia
Acadiana Spiritual Academy

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Many people, Many traditions, One Community

The Acadiana Spiritual Association (ASA) is a group of individuals who practice alternative spiritualities which ascribe to common values and goals for the betterment of themselves and their local religious, social, political, familial, and work communities. Acadiana Spiritual Association defines alternative spirituality as inclusive of reconstruction of classical polytheistic religions, neo-pagan paths, new age movements, magical systems, syncretic religions, eastern philosophies, and indigenous or tribal traditions. The Acadiana Spiritual Association embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusiveness of all minority faiths within the Acadiana community; we endeavor to raise awareness of Acadiana's diverse spiritual beliefs.

Acadiana Spiritual Association is a non-profit multireligious organization which conducts workshops, seminars, and charity events. ASA hosts Sharing Circle, D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y. Night Social, the Brew Review, and Triviae Theologia. Along with reoccurring events, such as quarterly workshops, yearly retreats, and an annual picnic, we also have several community service projects, such as an annual fundraiser benefitting cancer victims and an annual cemetery clean-up day. We also travel to attend regional spiritual conventions. One day we hope to host a multi-religious spiritual convention in Lafayette, Louisiana as well as expand our community service projects. We build community through shared experiences and positive social interactions.

Meet Our Organizers

President Rev. Dr. Jarred James Breaux, Ph.D.

Breaux is an educator, mathematician, philanthropist, and religious philosopher. In 2007, Breaux graduated from the University of Louisiana Lafayette with a minor in religious studies. Breaux also earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion from ULC. Breaux has written intensively on the subject of religion and spirituality, particularly in his book Intransigence & Indifference and his blog Faith & Belief.

Breaux follows a Hermetic path known as Malachianism, a syncretic Jewish mystery tradition focused heavily on achieving ascension through compassion, philanthropic works, and gnosticism. He is a member of the Arcani.

Breaux is one of the founding members of the Acadiana Spiritual Association teaches advanced tarot card reading and energy manipulation classes as well as speaks to various groups throughout the southern Louisiana region promoting religious tolerance and fostering spiritual growth.

Vice President Rev. Fr. Matthew Francis Boudreaux, M.D.

Fr. Boudreaux is an educator, vocalist, priest, and theologian. Boudreaux earned a Bachelor of Art in Vocal Performance from Southeastern Louisiana University as well as a Masters of Divinity from Phillips Theological Seminary in 2013.

Fr. Boudreaux is a regular guest preacher of the Metropolitan Community Church of Baton Rouge and currently the presiding Priest of the St. Pelagius of the Celts Chapel, part of the Inclusive Celtic Christian denomination which welcomes anyone wherever they are along their journey and focuses on worshipping through mundane tasks and original blessing rather than original sin.

Joining the Acadiana Spiritual Association in 2015, Boudreaux has taken on the tasks of mediator and spiritual counselor as well as head of our monthly Sharing Circle symposium.